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Our technology in Healthcare

Raman Spectroscopy is one of the most beneficial technologies in Modern Healthcare. This technique enables the identification and investigation of chemical compounds' molecular structures, which is crucial for diagnosing diseases and developing novel medications. Raman spectroscopy is an excellent instrument for use in medicine because its measurement is quick and non-invasive. As a result, medical professionals may identify disorders and track their development with incredible speed and accuracy, improving patient care. In addition, Raman spectroscopy is a crucial tool for developing new medicinal approaches and doing clinical trials.


The molecular spectroscopy technique known as Raman spectroscopy relies on the inelastic scattering of monochromatic light in molecular structures. The molecules' excitation states are altered by the incident laser light, and as a result, the molecules produce light at different wavelengths in relation to the excitation wavelength (called Stokes or Anti-Stokes shifts). Every substance has a unique Raman spectrum. Because of this, the presence and composition of different chemicals can be detected and quantified using Raman scattering.

Raman spectroscopy is ax non-destructive technique, which means that it does not damage or alter the sample in any way. It is also a non-contact technique, which means that it can be used to analyze samples without coming into physical contact with them. This makes Raman spectroscopy an ideal technique for analyzing delicate or sensitive samples.


The main problems with medical measurement are:

  1. Invasiveness. To measure parameters, e.g., blood, the continuity of the skin should be broken by taking blood, which will then be sent to a specialized laboratory.
  2. The high barrier for the patient to perform the measurement - there are no solutions on the market to measure health parameters, allowing for quick, cheap, non-invasive, trouble-free measurement and immediate display of the result. A frequent need is a particular procedure that the patient must comply with before the measurement, e.g., coming to the medical facility on an empty stomach in the morning, and taking blood for research.
  3. Long waiting time for measurement results. There are no solutions on the market that can show the measurement result immediately. Diagnostics usually require several days of waiting for shipment to the laboratory, sample analysis, and result transfer.
  4. Medical waste - most solutions generate medical waste, either in the form of used strips (e.g., glucometers) or used accessories such as cotton, needles, syringes, etc.


Using our spectrophotometric platform in medical research eliminates most barriers from the solutions used so far and significantly increases patients' comfort in life. In addition, because it is a miniaturized, dedicated variant of expensive lab equipment, its use combines the best features of laboratory and mobile solutions. We respond to the needs of the industry by offering non-invasive measurements using a beam of light and optical systems without interrupting the continuity of the skin. Moreover, we reduce the patient's measurement barrier because the device may be available at the patient's home or in places of public access.
What is more, the device displays the results in real time, right after the measurement. Therefore, it does not require waiting for extended laboratory analysis.
The device does not generate any medical waste because there are no consumables such as strips, disposable sensors, or measuring accessories such as syringes, needles, or cotton.

Case 1: Measurement through the skin

Transcutaneous measurement is possible thanks to the use of:

  • a unique measuring head adapted to capture the signal reflected from human skin,
  • many hardware solutions reducing the noise coming from the measurement object,
  • special measurement procedures taking into account such factors as perspiration, heating, skin luminescence,
  • unique classical and AI algorithms learned in the processing of biological signals.

Case 2: Sweat diagnostics

Measurement of, for example, health biomarkers from human sweat (but also from other body fluids) is possible thanks to the use of:

  • a unique measuring head using the phenomenon of surface signal amplification (SERS) on specially designed measuring substrates,
  • proprietary hardware solutions for de-noising and measurement procedures taking into account biological phenomena occurring in the skin,
  • unique classical and AI algorithms learned in the processing of biological signals.

Case 3: Saliva diagnostics

The saliva measurement process using the proprietary Gekko Photonics technology is analogous to saliva (case 2). Still, the measurement procedure and signal processing algorithms change due to differences in the morphology of saliva and detected substances.

Urine or tears can be measured in the same way. The list of substances that can be measured using our technology is very long.

Advantages of our technology


The measurement does not require breaking the continuity of the skin


The measurement is performed using laser light, which makes it completely painless

Medical-waste free

The measurement does not generate any disposables such as needles, syringes, disposable sensors, cottons


Due to the lack of any replaceable, consumable components, using our technology is cheaper than alternative testing methods

Instant measurement

The technology offers a very short measurement time, even 30 seconds


Our spectrophotometric methods are among the most accurate diagnostic methods on the market